Reel Locations

PO Box 909  Reservoir, VIC 3073


Eben Olson - 0430 171 237

Born and raised in the US, he combines an understanding of international aesthetics with local knowledge to help you highlight Melbourne’s many diverse looks.  In his 12 years in Melbourne, he’s developed great relationships with Local Councils and location providers.  A balanced approach and level headed attitude in the face of the many curveballs inherent in Location Work means your job will get the expertise it needs, and the professionalism required to keep current and future jobs running smoothly.  

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Fiona Wood - 0404 285 291

Fionas background in photography and fine art developed her a great eye for detail, as well as for the bigger picture. Her passion for architecture and exploring environments gives fiona her edge in finding that hidden gem. She is a trusted manager with location providers, councils and producers alike

Noah Snell    scout/manager

With an incredibly photographic eye, and special attention to framing and blocking, paired with on-set and pre-production experience, Noah brings an additional level of creativity and perspective to your visual project. 

Elizabeth Sarsfield scout/manager

With a background in Drama and large scale productions, Elizabeth has the experience and communication skills to ensure your project is handled professionally, regardless of size.


Pip Story                             scout

Pip has recently joined Reel. she brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to scouting and management.