Listing Your Location for Future Shoots

We're always interested in adding locations to our Database.  If you'd like to be considered for future shoots, please get in touch with us by emailing



Homes and apartments are the locations we're most often contacted to find.  Having a ready database of reference photos for film-friendly properties both increases the frequency of jobs we're hired for, and the amount of times a property gets used.  



Do you vacant or infrequently used commercial or personal office space?  Office space is often the hardest to source, and the second most requested location type.  Make some money off that office you're paying for, and list it!



Clients such as Worksafe, Industry Superannuation Funds, and work utility vehicles are often looking for unique industrial backgrounds for their ads.  This includes Warehouses, quarries, factories, Building Site, and Vacant Industrial land.  All appropriate insurances and indemnities are provided prior to shoots.